By the Spear: Philip II, Alexander the Great, and the Rise and Fall of the Macedonian Empire

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Scores of books have been written about Alexander the Great, while his father has remained in relative obscurity among historical laymen. Worthington sets out to highlight Alexander’s military genius by comparing these successes to his father’s. Superbly written, and extensively researched, Worthington portrays Philip ll as a rags-to-riches conqueror, the man who took the barbarians of a divided Macedonia to victory over the entire region, including Greece. Using a combination of maps; translations of contemporary writers of the fourth century B.C.; and photographs of places, mosaics, frescoes, and paintings, the author recreates the political turmoil that pressed this obscure Macedonian warrior to vastly alter history. The League of Corinth was formed, a political body that lasted until the Greek War of Independence in the mid-nineteenth century.

Between strategic battles, we savor the intrigue of marriage alliances from Philips’ seven wives, and the catastrophic consequences resulting from the jealousy fomented from them. Worthington vividly portrays King Philips’ assassination and implicates his heir, Alexander, in the plot. This comprehensive work shows Alexander the Great building atop his father’s foundation in order to conquer the world.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 416 pages
Publisher Oxford University Press, USA
Publish Date 2014-Jun-02
ISBN 9780199929863 Buy this Book
Issue November 2014
Category History


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