Broken Wing

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Ray Long knows that letting the devil into your soul can kill a man. He has seen what it had done to his father. Determined not to let the violent events in his past shape his life, Ray settles down in the small town of Pettington and stops running. He wants to live a normal life, in spite of his traumatic childhood and the evil that lurks inside him.

Skye is desperately looking for the love her mother never gave her. She needs to know her mother’s reasons for leaving eighteen years ago. Skye’s father refuses to give her the answers she so desperately needs, and instead, tries to hide the past by denying the truth. The relationship between Skye and Ray, at first, appears to be a match made in heaven, but there is more going on here. It’s more than coincidence that brings Skye and Ray together in the small Texas town; it’s fate’s way of bringing closure to a few tortured souls.

Broken Wing is a look at the vicious cycle of abuse and how it’s handed down from one generation to the next. Can love break the violent cycle, or will it take more violence to halt the inevitable string of events? Anna Klay bravely tackles this heartbreaking subject head on. She has developed her characters into believable personalities, showing a depth that makes them come alive. The intricate relationships and the use of engaging dialogue create a dramatic and thought-provoking plot. This story takes many twists and turns as the cast of characters meet in a place where fate brings them together for a climactic ending. If you want to care about the lives of the people you’re reading about and worry over the choices they make, then you will want to read Broken Wing.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 218 pages
Publisher Anna Klay
Publish Date 28-Oct-2013
ISBN 9781482586527 Buy this Book
Issue April 2014
Category Modern Literature


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