Booked for Death: A Booklovers B&B Mystery

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Charlotte has given up her life as a teacher in exchange for running the B&B she inherited from her aunt and things are going well. She even has a celebration for an amazing mystery author, which brings several guests to stay, including a book dealer and his family. But things aren’t so sweet with this family. When the book dealer turns up dead, it goes from bad to worse after his daughter points the finger of blame in Charlotte’s direction by claiming her father found a scandalous secret about Charlotte’s aunt. It doesn’t help that her closest friend ends up in the middle of the investigation with a secret of her own. Now Charlotte must prove herself innocent, find proof that clears her friend’s name, and catch the killer before they have a chance to strike again.

The mystery contains several threads that involve Charlotte uncovering the secrets of her aunt, investigating the murder, and uncovering the identity of her friend Julie’s mystery boyfriend. Each of these threads is interconnected and the truth behind them all comes out as Charlotte uncovers more clues that lead to the identity of the killer, which involves a thrilling reveal. The setting has a true community tone as Charlotte interacts with a variety of characters who all cross her path in a way that feels like she really belongs in the town. The friendship between her and Julie is what makes finding the killer personal, as she’s not only proving her own aunt innocent but also helping show her friend’s innocence. Julie is her outgoing friend who she’s living vicariously through while healing from the loss of her husband and mending her broken heart. The B&B provides a new beginning for her while creating a brilliant beginning for a cozy series.

Booked for Death will book you into a delightful mystery that brings to life a charming town with a genuine feeling of community, the strength of friendship, and delightful characters.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 314 pages
Publish Date 8/11/2020
ISBN 9781643853079 Buy this Book
Issue September 2020
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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