Bohemians West : Free Love, Family, and Radicals in Twentieth Century America

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Love can surpass boundaries of time, age, and even reason. Three decades separated their age, however, a spark lit when Charles Erskine Wood met Sara Bard Field. A relationship commenced enduring thirty years. Yet, there was nothing simple in this pairing. Both were married, both had children. Wood was involved in other extramarital relationships. Sara Field married young, yet Wood’s passion and open-mindedness made her smitten with the older gentleman. The background of the two seemed to have destined them for escapism. Wood was the son of a military man who desired Wood to follow in his footsteps. Wood chafed at military life, eventually going into law and excelling. He was a budding poet. Sara originated from a strict religious background, married a pastor, yet had misgivings about her path. Wood and Field started working together. An affair soon began, both Wood’s and Field’s spouses feeling aggrieved. Sara longed for Wood, but would enthusiastically lobby for Women’s right to vote as her other passion when Wood was off on his own ventures.

Bohemians West is not your typical biography, reading comparable to a romantic dual history of two extraordinary individuals. The author captures the spirit of the atypical romance, reflecting on the times in which they played out. The protagonist pair are seen as free-spirited, but also human in their prejudices and hypocrisies. But their downsides don’t detract from their contributions. Superb work.

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 400 pages
Publisher Heyday Books
Publish Date 8/25/2020
ISBN 9781597145169 Buy this Book
Issue September 2020
Category History


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