Blood To Blood

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Angel’s biggest dream has finally coming true. Her singing group (that also features her two best friends) just signed a contract to record a song for a major company, and they’re going to open a huge concert. Kat Trio is about to become the next big thing.

Unfortunately, Angel’s life is also changing in another, even bigger way. She is undergoing The Change that will make her immortal like the rest of her family. She’s developing powers and getting strong desires to eat her friends. You see, Angel is a Shimshana, descended from a fallen angel. Once she changes, she will subsist on blood. Eventually, she’ll learn to control it, but that doesn’t help her deal with the fact that she’s supposed to be recording a song and preparing for a concert – with mortals – now.

Add to this the various men in her life (Justin, her first willing meal, and Sawyer, the mysterious producer), and Angel has a lot going on.

Although this sounds like things we’ve seen before – the teen girl dealing with the supernatural is not exactly groundbreaking – Blood to Blood offers a fresh take on the genre. The details are unique and offer an interesting explanation for the other varieties of vampire. I haven’t seen powers like Angel’s before, and her main ability presents a whole host of challenges. There is a stronger focus on family that sends a positive message. There is also a creepy subplot involving her reflection that ups the stakes and the chills.

Overall, this is a really solid, fun book. It’s not necessarily a deep read (though it certainly can be if you want to read into the parallels between The Change and normal sexual awakening), but it is exciting. Featuring friendship drama, a love triangle, family issues, and immortals, Blood to Blood is exactly what you want in a young adult novel. Plus, it features a strong, vulnerable, smart, non-white protagonist, and there are not nearly enough of those. This book is all-around delightful!

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 234 pages
Publisher PapaGrace
Publish Date 03-Dec-2012
ISBN 9780985923518 Buy this Book
Issue December 2013
Category Young Adult


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