Blood on the Iron Hard Ground

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Blood On The Iron Hard Ground is a brilliant novel about a young English soldier who is stationed in the heart of the Bosnian-Serbian War. Bob Parr does an excellent job with his description of war and the aftermath that comes with it. The scenes he wrote about were many. He writes about everything from explosive battles with casualties of fellow soldiers to a scared family trying to keep quiet so their home is not found. Scenes of children dying and scrambling through hidden tunnels trying to avoid death by gunfire litter this book and create pictures in the mind that the reader won’t forget. The scenes are vivid and bold and I can’t imagine anyone would want to be in the shoes of these soldiers and civilians. The book is told in the first person by the English soldier, and the story comes to life as he builds relationships with his fellow soldiers, especially Lieutenant Isabelle Harris, with whom he ends up falling in love, and experiences real-life war and the people involved. The relationship between the soldier and Bella, as he calls her, starts to become complicated as she ranks above the soldier, yet they must both remain professional and complete tasks together to keep everyone alive. As the young soldier tells his story, he describes the politics involved and how other countries are involved as allies to both sides.

Perhaps my favorite part of the book is when the soldier meets a little girl named Katarina and her family. Katarina and her family are hiding out because her father is out fighting in the war. There is something about the little girl that mesmerizes the soldier and he thinks about her often even after leaving their home, hoping that she has made it somewhere safe. I felt as if Katarina represented hope for the future in the eyes of the soldier.

The author also addresses the sorrow felt by both the soldier and Lieutenant Harris and the way they both deal with all the loss and bloodshed they have seen. There is a good amount of the book that deals with the post-traumatic stress that soldiers feel after they leave the battlefield. It is both sad and so real. This book is a fantastic read for those who enjoy a good military novel with an outstanding plot and vivid battle scenes. Be prepared for colorful descriptions and quick movements throughout the story.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 265 pages
Publisher SO3 Media
Publish Date 2018-12-04
ISBN 9780062415929 Buy this Book
Issue April 2019
Category Modern Literature


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