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Nurse Jennifer Morrison is the caregiver you’d want to encounter if – like John Doe – you had lost your memory in a car wreck. Jen is a nurturer, so when no one appears at the hospital to claim John Doe, she takes him home to live in her guest house while he builds a new life. Jen and John slowly move toward love, only to be derailed by the arrival of a very pregnant woman: John’s wife, Julie. She takes him home but, before she gives birth, he regains his memory. What follows is fast, furious, and hair-raising.

At every important juncture, the complex Blank Slate plot relies on coincidence to move forward. I wanted to root for Jen and John, but I felt I barely knew them. There are some teaser sub-plots: a lonely old woman, who haunts the ER, a pregnant cancer victim, Jen’s son’s heart murmur. Each amplifies on Jen’s coping skills and generous heart, but all are summarily resolved and do not seem essential to the central story. Pregnant Julie is a vehicle, rather than a character.

Read this book if you like some menace with your romance. Deus ex machinas notwithstanding, there is promise in this author.

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Star Count 3/5
Format Trade
Page Count 183 pages
Publisher AuthorHouse
Publish Date 12-Sep-2011
ISBN 9781463447939 Buy this Book
Issue April 2012
Category Romance


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