Biochemistry of Aging: Wellness and Longevity

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Aging is a subject of interest to everyone, at any age. Tackling this highly unusual subject, the biochemistry of aging, the author did an admirable job. He divides his book into three distinct and equal sections: the first two, Biology and Chemistry, giving background information to the reader to lay the foundation to the last chapter, Aging.

The text is well illustrated throughout with simple sketches, black-and-white photographs, tables and charts. Research work to write this substantial volume must have been sizeable. The first two chapters lead the readers through the many aspects of both biology and organic chemistry that are essential in understanding both biological and chemical changes accompanying aging.

This volume was not written for the layman — the language is highly technical and scientific, and even though I hold a PhD in geology (with rather meager knowledge in either biology or organic chemistry), I had to concentrate fully to understand at least some of the topics. Reaching the concluding chapter, Aging, comprehending what the author is attempting to bring across to the reader becomes somewhat easier. The author clearly states that he has written for “scientists, physicians, pharmacists, engineers, teachers, computer programmers.”

This book would very much benefit both from professional editing and professional layout work of the text and illustrations. Typos, extra lines, separation of captions from illustrations, extremely tiny, nearly unreadable captions due to too much size reduction, many small errors an editor would catch and a number of small glitches distract the reader and question credibility. The list of content is detailed and extensive but adding an index would also improve the book. As is, there is no easy way to find a specific subject a reader is interested in.

The book is soft covered, and cover illustration could also use the professional touch. With these proposed changes this volume is likely to gain significant improvement.

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Star Count 1/5
Format Trade
Page Count 336 pages
Publisher AuthorHouse
Publish Date 27-Jan-2010
ISBN 9781449073800 Buy this Book
Issue February 2011
Category Science & Nature


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