Better Health: Happier Living : 53 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Health and Well-Being

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In Better Health: Happier Living: 53 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Health and Well-Being, Author David Klein uses a lighthearted approach to help everyday people like you and me become their best selves. Klein has written fifty-three miniature chapters, each one dedicated to a different way to improve health. From sleep to diet to just being plain thankfulness for everything you have in your life, this book has a solution for everyone in the form of an easy-to-read guide. The suggestions that Klein includes can be easily integrated into a person’s life one at a time. He even states at the beginning of the book to “enjoy the journey [and] the process.” As someone working in the fitness and health industry, I can certainly appreciate this sentiment. I tell my clients all the time not to expect results overnight but rather to enjoy what they are doing and make it a part of their life. After all, maintaining good health is a life-long thing.

What I enjoyed most about this book was how simple it was to read and understand. Klein does not use any over-the-top “sciency” words that would turn a person off of reading his book. Helpful tips, including a list of what are called “rainbow foods,” an explanation of why sugar is not good for you, a chart for gauging your hunger, a breakdown of the different food groups with descriptions, and an explanation of difference between different types of exercises and their benefits, are all included in Better Health and can be easily and slowly integrated into a person’s daily routine.

While reading Better Health, I was particularly interested in the chapter about sleep. Sleep (and the importance of good-quality sleep) is often overlooked as an overall part of one’s health. Klein introduces the two models of sleep and distinguishes the difference between each stage of sleep and its importance. Did you know that during the REM sleep stage someone is likely to dream and that the person’s “pulse and blood pressure increase and breathing becomes rapid and irregular”?

Overall, this book is well-organized, and each chapter flows into the next quite quickly. The cartoons the author integrates into the book are also very funny and add to the lightheartedness of the book. I would recommend this book to anyone who is even considering bettering themselves and their health and the health of their loved ones. It’s a great place to start!

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 164 pages
Publisher 789 Parkhurst Lane
Publish Date 19-May-2019
ISBN 9781095399712 Buy this Book
Issue August 2019
Category Health, Fitness & Dieting


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