Being There: Eye Witness To History

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June 17, 1972. Five men are arrested for breaking into the Democratic National Headquarters. One of the ringleaders contacts Douglas Caddy and apprises him of the situation. Caddy responds, and soon his life spins out of control as he is at the center of the investigation. Was this random, or had his conservative and anti-Communist background led to this? Douglas Caddy was a young Conservative Republican who had associations with personalities from columnist William F. Buckley to CIA agent Howard Hunt to FBI agent Guy Bannister. His association with the Watergate burglars and their bosses led to his persecution at the hands of Judge John Sirica. Caddy witnessed the machinations of lawyer John Dean long before Watergate-revisionist authors questioned Dean’s “heroics”. Caddy narrates his own trials juxtaposed with the story of informant Robert Merritt, whose travel through the muck and mire of covert government seems almost too good to be true. Caddy’s career would later see further controversies in Texas when representing the Moody Foundation and Billie Sol Estes and his associations along with power broker Tongsun Park and political dirty trickster Roger Stone.

Being There is a brief overview of an eventful life. Douglas Caddy has borne witness to the good, bad, and ugly of politics. He has emerged bruised and battered but still standing. An excellent autobiography tackling alternative history.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 192 pages
Publisher Trine Day
Publish Date 2018-Jul-06
ISBN 9781634241144 Buy this Book
Issue September 2018
Category History


  1. Ricardo Calleja

    “Being There” is an exciting and honest book that takes you on Douglas Caddy’s wild ride through big political events. It’s easy to understand and packed with interesting stories around Watergate scandal. Caddy’s personal view makes history come alive. This book is perfect for anyone who wants to know more about America’s past and the real stories behind the headlines.

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