Becoming Hitler: The Making of a Nazi

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The life of Adolf Hitler has been examined in a countless selection of books since his demise in 1945. The majority of the works tend to focus on his leadership of the Third Reich from 1933-1945. Becoming Hitler delves into the post-World War I period when Hitler was still discovering his own identity in a war-torn country. Germany was divided and struggling after its defeat. Social Democrats, Communists, and far-rightist groups were all grasping for power. Hitler was more of a follower than a leader in the army, despite his retelling in Mein Kampf. He would be involved in social revolutionary groups, his ideology shifting over time. He would teach propaganda for a while but would emerge as a leader in his own right with the DAP and eventually the Nazi Party. His allegiances would change as well, close friends becoming enemies in quick succession. His role in the Beer Hall Putsch would land him in jail, but his mark on the country was just beginning.

Adolf Hitler has been written about endlessly, but Thomas Weber has written a valuable biographic timeline about the dictator. The years 1919-26 had been given short shrift, but Weber has illustrated the growth of Hitler from poor soldier to aspiring demagogue. This book adds to the historical record while also serving as a warning for future generations.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 464 pages
Publisher Basic Books
Publish Date 2017-Nov-07
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Issue April 2018
Category History


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