Baxter’s Big Teeth

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The relationship between animal and human characters is a classic mark of children’s literature. Baxter’s Big Teeth, the first publication of the Critters Like Me storybook series, continues in this tradition, with the depiction of a touching friendship between boy and beaver as an effective medium through which to relate an exciting childhood milestone.

Baxter the Beaver wants Big Teeth. Desperately. Unable to help build lodges with his baby teeth, a disheartened Baxter swims away from the colony. Baxter is alone until he meets Kevin, a little boy quickly charmed by his new friend’s quest for larger chompers. When his first baby tooth finally does fall out, Baxter is more perturbed than excited (nothing a little glue can’t fix)! Kevin comforts Baxter in his anxiety, assuring his animal buddy that losing teeth is a regular part of growing up—Tooth Fairy and all. Under Kevin’s guidance, Baxter’s quest for Big Teeth also yields an important life lesson—not to mention the humorous use of a pencil sharpener—about the importance of cultivating patience.

Baxter’s Big Teeth is an adorable tale, a creative portrayal of an important event in every child’s life. Dave Seay’s illustrations are delightful, wonderfully capturing the multiple expressions of frustration and triumph that mark childhood experience. The book also includes several pages of fun tooth-related exercises and comes with an acorn keepsake for storing lost teeth. We can look forward to many Critters Like Me books to follow.

Note: The book (alone) retails for $16.95; however you can buy the book and acorn box combo together at a discount for $23.95. The acorn box can also be bought separately.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 34 pages
Publisher Keepworthy Creations
Publish Date
ISBN 9780983315506 Buy this Book
Issue March 2012
Category Children's


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