B2B Marketing Confessions

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I must admit: I know very little about marketing. Rather, I should say, I knew very little about marketing before I read this book. Now I know so many different methods to reach potential customers that I am eager to begin doing so, even though I have no products to market.

That is one of the many wonderful things about B2B Marketing Confessions: it is accessible and useful to everyone. As someone with no background in marketing, I felt that Wall is very thorough in explaining everything. Not once was I lost or confused. This is not just a book for beginners, though. Wall offers a comprehensive discussion of the many ways to reach out to customers (including, but not limited to, e-mail, blogs, trade shows, and webinars). Furthermore, he discusses these options with an impressive level of detail. For example, he provides two solutions for a misplaced electrical outlet at a trade show booth. Even seasoned professionals can learn a lot from this book.

The only complaint I have about this book is chapter organization. The entire thing is divided into four sections: product design, marketing, educating customers, and customer retention. As this is a book primarily about marketing, it stands to reason that the second section would be the longest. However, at one hundred and fifteen pages, it completely dwarfs the other three, making for a somewhat lopsided read. I just wish that this chapter was broken down into smaller pieces. Luckily, this problem is mitigated somewhat by the very complete table of contents, directing the reader by specific topic as well as by chapter.

You know a book is really good when the only thing to complain about is one too-long chapter, and B2B Marketing Confessions is exceptional. Wall describes everything you could ever want to know about the modern-day marketing process. Whether you are a professional marketer or an entrepreneur with a big idea and no employees (yet), you should read this book. I have no doubt that you will find Wall’s advice easy to understand and exciting to put to use.

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 188 pages
Publisher Lulu
Publish Date 11-Sep-2013
ISBN 9781300021018
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Issue September 2013
Category Business & Investing


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