Avalina Jones and the Eye of the Storm

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Avalina Jones and the Eye of the Storm is an action-packed fantasy telling the story of Avalina, an orphan who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. Residing in La Maison des Oublies, Avalina lives with forty-five other girls under the supervision of their rigid caretaker, Miss Ward. One day, an eccentric woman named Scarlet Read visits the orphanage and kidnaps Avalina, informing her of her relation to the legendary pirate, Davy Jones. Overwhelmed by this news, she finds herself whisked onto a ship called the Aquatiery, a schoolship for other pirate descendants.

After being separated into student decks, Avalina makes friends who teach her about sea magic, mystical half-human, half-sea creatures, and the ins and outs of pirate school. However, Avalina is met with an equal number of foes who believe she possesses the Jones’ curse. Legend has it that Del Maligno, an evil pirate, has cursed the Jones family for marooning him and his fleet on a deserted island and setting their longboat on fire. Del Maligno swore his revenge on the family, and ever since, it is believed that the descendants of Davy Jones are all cursed, unless proven otherwise. However, after hearing that the curse skips generations, Avalina is undeterred by the rumors surrounding her. From unfair accusations to finding lost pirate treasure, Avalina shows her resilience and strength in becoming a valuable pirate on the Aquatiery.

This novel is packed with creativity. Lori Adams has outdone herself in describing the magical ship and all of its components. I especially appreciated the plethora of different foods Adams described. From snap dragon salads that physically snap back at you to snoring piglet squid in a blanket, puffer pudding popovers, and mackerel and cheese, I was amused reading of the abundance of dishes. I found myself wishing I could order the iceberg cream, chunks of multicolored icebergs that each take on a different unique flavor. I also loved the creativity in terms of the different classes that the young pirates took. Whether it was weaponry, knotty cordage class, hydrofunics, or cartography, I was impressed with the relevance to what a pirate would actually be taught.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story of Avalina Jones and her pirate adventure. This book is very similar to the Harry Potter series (except with pirates instead of wizards), so any Hogwarts fans might find themselves equally enthralled by Avalina and her time aboard the Aquatiery.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 365 pages
Publish Date 29-Nov-2021
ISBN 9781737131205
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Issue August 2021
Category Children's