At This Very Moment

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At any moment in time, things are happening everywhere. A tiny mouse is waking up to a sunshiny day, while a mammoth-sized whale is swimming in the deep ocean waters singing its song. A fallen, purple plum is lying on the soft, green grass about to be devoured, and bumblebees are swarming in and out of pink-petaled flowers gathering nectar in masses. A mountain is standing tall amidst the foothills that surround it, while a beautiful bird is soaring through the skies, spreading its wings wide. Someone somewhere is reading this book, turning its pages one at a time while all of this occurs.

At This Very Moment is a story about the here and now. The author eloquently emphasizes all that’s taking place simultaneously if only one takes a minute to notice. Beauty can be found in small, seemingly insignificant things such as a gently flowing river going out to sea or a softly chirping bird nesting in a nearby jungle.

There’s a sweet simplicity about this book, and it’s just the right length for young children to stay interested. The illustrations are plentiful and vibrant; some are eye-catching. The reading level is approximately first or second grade, making this a great pick for early readers.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Cicada Books
Publish Date 21-Sep-2021
ISBN 9781908714923 Buy this Book
Issue September 2021
Category Children's