Ashoka the Fierce: How an Angry Prince Became India’s Emperor of Peace

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Ashoka the Fierce is based on Emperor Ashoka who ruled the great Mauryan Empire in mid 200 b.c. This story tells how he went from being an angry boy and conquering emperor to a good-hearted one that cared for his people.

The text is very well executed. The length seems appropriate for a book discussing a historical figure but doesn’t seem overly drawn out for a picture book. I was interested to learn about the Buddhist religion and how it affected Ashoka.

The illustrations were stunning. I felt like I was in the Mauryan Empire, modern-day India, and parts of the Middle East, where Ashoka ruled. I felt the movement in the pictures. There was great emotion of sadness, anger, and calm happiness depicted very well.

I don’t know much about India or the middle east during this period so I appreciated hearing a story about Ashoka. I think this would be a great book to have in a public or elementary library to expand their understanding of the world and its historical figures.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
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Publisher Bala Kids
Publish Date 07-Dec-2021
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Issue April 2022
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