As God is My Witness

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“Family” is a very important word in society. Its make-up has evolved through the years, but the main idea remains the same, which is that a family is a group of people who love each other. As God Is My Witness: Annie’s Story is about a little girl named Annie and her family that is based on a true story. While heartbreaking and tragic for the majority of the book, it shows us that resilience and strength live in young and old alike. The story begins in December 1957 with four-year-old Annie being returned to her biological mother by Children’s Protective Services after a court had deemed that her mother and father were fit to have their children returned (she had other siblings placed elsewhere). Confused and then scared, Annie is returned to a family that is not rehabilitated. In fact, the parents were quite the opposite. Annie describes the years living in a house of horrors where physical and emotional intimidation kept her from seeking help. Turning to prayer as a young child into her adulthood, readers watch Annie’s faith in God and herself grow stronger.

As much as your heart breaks as you read Annie’s story, watching her grow and begin her own family shows that where there is darkness, there is always hope.

As God Is My Witness: Annie’s story is a story that I will not soon forget. I will remember it because of the atrocities that happen to young Annie and her siblings. I will remember it because it is a reminder that this story has been and is, to this day, the story of real children. Author Ann Haydon brings this family epidemic to the forefront, offering readers an opportunity to help others if need be or to heal if they can relate to Annie’s life. While hard to read at times this is a book that should be read.

Her bio ends with “Ann is a survivor!” With the help of this book, hopefully, many more will be able to utter those words triumphantly.

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Star Count 3.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 148 pages
Publisher XlibrisUS
Publish Date July 15th 2013
ISBN 9781483663128 Buy this Book
Issue July 2016
Category Self-Help


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