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Put this paperback treasure in the car glove compartment, or your backpack, or on any reading counter. Filled with colorful photos of stunning art sites located across the United States, these images will both entrance and amaze you. The startling sculptures displayed against placid greenery or reflecting waters provoke imagination and trigger wonder. Sculpture parks are dotted across the country. Travel to Pennsylvania to view Andy Warhol’s works, or visually step on “The Helical Staircase” in the Florida Dali Museum. In Los Angeles, the Watts Towers sharply point to the sky like church spires. Constructed from recycled scraps over a thirty year period, the edifice is a testimony to one man’s passionate obsession. Architecture is not ignored, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s landmark buildings can be viewed in Marin County, Arizona, Wisconsin, and elsewhere. The controversial Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles by Frank Gehry bemuses the eye, while the unconventional Seattle Public Library Building delights the visitor. Our academic institutes are repositories of art in its myriad forms. The reviews of these many sites of contemporary art that are accessible to the public in parks, museums, city lots, campuses across our bountiful country whet the desire to become immersed in the settings. The running narration clarifying the history, personalities, quirks, and perks of each place further enriches this art directory. While the table of contents divides the sections into sculpture parks, visionary sites, campuses, art centers, and several more, it is helpful that an index along with state wide site identification is provided. Indeed, Connie Terwilliger has researched and mapped our national cultural bounty outside traditional museums; the curious need only follow her illuminating guidebook.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 128 pages
Publisher ArtNetwork Press
Publish Date 29-May-2012
ISBN 9780940899568 Buy this Book
Issue December 2012
Category Architecture & Photography


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