Ani’s Light

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Ani misses his mom terribly and wants more than anything to have her home again. Since she left, his world has been filled with nothing but darkness, even when the moon illuminates the sky and the early morning sunlight glistens through his bedroom window. No one seems to be able to penetrate his sadness, not even cheerful Nani or his gracious friends. Then, one night, his world begins to change. The headlights approach, and his anticipation builds. As Mama steps into the light, he embraces her with every fiber of his being. Never mind that her hair is gone, or her days may sadly be numbered. All Ani cares about is that right now, in this very minute in time, she is there with him.

With brevity and richness, Tanu Shree Singh beautifully describes a young boy’s journey throughout his mom’s battle with cancer in Ani’s Light. Through thoughtful words and eye-catching illustrations, readers can feel Ani’s pain and the darkness that fills his heart while Mama undergoes treatment for cancer. They can also celebrate joyfully with him as he welcomes her home. She conveys how her love will always be there to comfort him, even when she is not. That message is one of incredible value for a child of any age, and it’s one that is likely to touch many of those who read this unique and heartfelt picture book.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Magination Press
Publish Date 2020-06-23
ISBN 9781433832772 Buy this Book
Issue June 2020
Category Children's


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