Among the Ruins: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Catholic Church

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The Roman Catholic Church has fallen on hard times recently. Among the Ruins seeks a precise time for the fall. The Church has faced many revisions over the thousand plus years since its founding. But the author has outlined a timeline of decline stretching over the past century, in which the benevolent institution has been torn asunder by scandal and corruption. The Church has cooperated with Fascist and Nazi governments in order to maintain its sovereignty. It has cooperated with the CIA and Mafia to battle “Godless” communists while aiding repressive governments. The Vatican Bank was involved with unsavory characters who laundered money for covert reasons. The short reign of John Paul I is examined, his untimely death a possible murder to keep the criminality afloat. The pedophilia scandals rocking the church are highlighted as well, along with questions about the Church’s handling of the problem priests. With the current rule of Pope Francis I, will the church be able to redeem itself? That question is yet to be fully answered.

Among the Ruins is a no-holds-barred examination of a declining Catholic Church. It may be tough reading for the devout, but the questions raised are important. You may not agree with everything written, but valid points are there. This is an important book not to be glossed over because of its controversial nature. Its historical and current relevance is there.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 366 pages
Publisher Prometheus Books
Publish Date 2017-Aug-15
ISBN 9781633883031 Buy this Book
Issue October 2017
Category History


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