American Vampire Vol. 8

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In the eighth installment of American Vampire we see Sweet, Pearl, and Poole continuing to take up the war against the ultimate Evil. The Grey Trader, a physical representation of evil, is hell bent on getting his hands on the Iskakku, the only weapon capable of destroying the beast he wishes to unleash upon the world. The trio must split off to execute two dangerous missions; Pearl must break into a top secret military base to recover the weapon Iskakku with the help of Felicia Book, Senior Director of the VMS, and Brun, a gargoyle with spit so acidic it might be their only hope at escape. Meanwhile, Sweet and Poole must launch themselves into space to intercept a roll of tape that could very well start all out nuclear war with the Russians.

What evils will fall in the way of their missions, and can they succeed without the enemy intercepting their every move? Snyder’s story will take you on a while ride of secrecy, vampires, and Armageddon while Rafael Albuquerque’s art will transfix your eyes with detailed and disturbing visuals, keeping your fingers flipping through the pages until the final story-shaking moments of this excellent volume.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 144 pages
Publisher DC Comics
Publish Date 2016-02-23
ISBN 9781401254339 Buy this Book
Issue August 2016
Category Sequential Art


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