America Becoming: Framing Our Declaration of Interdependence

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America Becoming focuses on revitalizing American culture, rebuilding patriotic pride, and prioritizing community unity. To achieve all this, one must have compassion for individuals who think differently, take time to stay informed, stay open to new ideas, and make a more concerted effort to enact change. When making important decisions, one should have leverage, purpose, mental control, and most importantly, a safe space to change one’s opinion.

Many people believe that doubt leads to anxiety or panic, but in reality, doubt helps us determine our identity. If we allow ourselves to be uncomfortable while we explore these new ideas, we can form empathy toward enemies, discover unique ideas in our minds, and begin to let go of some hateful feelings that are generalized to large groups of people within our nation. Instead of focusing on independence, the author emphasizes the importance of interdependence, expressing how you want to live and co-exist with others around you.

Lisa Uhrik describes America’s rich and complex history in a manner that is intriguing, compelling, and thought-provoking. She encourages readers to expand their knowledge of America’s history and current events by explaining mental scaffolding, echo chambers, the Clifton Strengths Model, and many more insightful ideas. She also offers metaphors, personal stories, and pop culture references to provide the reader with a better understanding of these important concepts.

Moreover, the book includes exercises for the reader to perform in order to expand on their understanding of each idea as well as a four-step process to complete comprehension. The acronym “READ3” urges readers to think of the revelation or “aha” moment, explore the concept further, act based on the new understanding, discover, dream, and write individual declarations of interdependence.

America Becoming offers hope and encouragement during this uncertain and contentious era in which we are living. Uhrik focuses on revitalizing American culture, rebuilding patriotic pride, and prioritizing community involvement. The book doesn’t tell you how to think, nor does it shame any specific way of thinking; instead, it encourages taking advantage of the freedom to explore options.

Rather than focusing on the undesirable aspects of the country, Uhrik wants readers to imagine the ideal and think about what it may take to reach that end goal. She draws inspiration from Ben Franklin when pointing out that individual change and collective change are undeniably linked. The book includes worksheets that can be filled out by the reader to help them understand their intent, manage their priorities, and write their own declaration of interdependence.

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 184 pages
Publisher Southern Fried Karma LLC
Publish Date 17-Jul-2021
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Issue March 2022
Category History