All The Big Ones Are Dead

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Agent Michael Bishop is on a quest to stop the illegal trade of elephant tusks and rhino horns. He is up against a crime syndicate that has infiltrated high levels of various governments. For this reason, his mission is top-secret, and he must go undercover without a support team.

The narrative unfolds on three continents: Africa, Europe, and North America. Agent Bishop first goes to Cameroon, the port of origin for the contraband goods, in a bid to discover their final destination. He witnesses the transit of the goods from Douala to Marseilles and then finally to the United States.

Upon Bishop’s landing in the United States, an elite task force selected for their prowess is appointed to assist Agent Bishop in protecting an important asset as well as apprehending members of the crime syndicate.

All the Big Ones are Dead is a very multidimensional story. We are given a peek into the lives of criminals as well as the law enforcers who apprehend them. This humanizes the villains in a way that many crime thrillers fail to do. I found myself invested not just in Agent Bishop but also in the villains, whom the reader learns were forced into their situations by difficult circumstances.

Michael will also find himself face-to-face with an old enemy, another agent whom he failed to neutralize years ago. His enemy now roams free and works for the very same crime syndicate. Theirs will be a battle of both strength and wit. When they finally face each other in battle, will Bishop’s nemesis live to fight another day?

The build-up to the climax is full of suspense and intrigue. The enemy grows in arrogance as Bishop and his team grow in strength. There will be losses on both sides and deaths to be avenged. There is never a dull moment in this story, as action-packed scenes follow each other in quick succession. It literally kept me on the edge of my seat.

I enjoyed every moment of this book. It is honestly the best crime thriller I have read this year, and it could easily be turned into a movie. I recommend this to anyone who likes to read or watch crime thrillers. This one will be worth the effort even if you seldom pick up a book. I can’t get enough of Agent Bishop’s adventures, and I hope that the authors, Christopher A. Gray, Howard E. Carson, write a sequel.

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 354 pages
Publisher Sunbow Press
Publish Date 2019-04-21
ISBN 9781926433141 Buy this Book
Issue November 2019
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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