Agent of Influence

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Agent of Influence is an action-packed mystery/thriller that is certain to entertain.

Written by Russell Hamilton, the story begins with President-elect Zach Hardin and an attempt to topple the power of the USA and be replaced by Middle Eastern powers. Hardin is approaching the pinnacle of his career, while secret service agents Anna Starks and Alex Bryce battle against time, in order to expose his connection to Muslim organizations.

Hamilton does well by utilizing a number of factual tidbits to support his fictional, yet true-to-life characters. The President-elect is a Yale student, a school known to be the alma mater of a few of our past Presidents. The issue of Hardin’s naturalization, as he was originally born in Cairo, Egypt, is similar to the issue that arose during the presidency of our current President, Barack Obama. With characters like Egyptian national Hussan, one can comprehend his ideals without condoning them. His extremism is evidenced by his dialogue “To truly bring the Muslim faith back to prominence, the entire animal of the West would have to be slaughtered…”

There is much strength and depth with Hamilton’s characters, and the circumstances surrounding them make these characterizations work well for his story. Exotic settings throughout this fast-paced story also make for interesting reading. The reader travels with the secret services agents on their mission to expose Hardin, from various places around the world. From Egypt to the United States, to Las Vegas, and ultimately Washington, D.C., home of our nation. Agent of Influence is written with a clear-cut, faced paced prose style that keeps the reader’s interest. There is espionage, murder, action, and mystery all rolled up into one very exciting adventure. With many true-to-life nuances interwoven throughout the story, Hamilton accomplishes reliability of his characters. Some of the story is told as a flashback, which also makes for an interesting read. For those readers who love thrillers, this political mystery thriller is sure to deliver.

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 437 pages
Publisher iUniverse
Publish Date 19-Jun-2009
ISBN 9781440145452 Buy this Book
Issue April 2012
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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