Adults in the Room: My Battle with the European and American Deep Establishment

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Greece was in a bad situation during the height of the financial crisis. In that age of austerity, the people of Greece voted in a new government, the Syriza Party, and re-negotiated the reforms and the loans. Yanis Varoufakis was the Minister of Finance in the new Greek government and in charge of the negotiations. After he resigned as Minister of Finance in 2015, he founded a new advocacy group and wrote memoirs of his time there. This book is a chronicle of those negotiations. When a book is written by someone on either side of the political divide, hard left or hard right, the enjoyment of the book really depends on what side you are on. If you are a leftist, and a socialist, you will enjoy this book and how he goes after the people in power and attacks the establishment for putting Greece into this mess. If you identity more with the hard right, then you will not like this book and will find Mr. Varoufakis preachy and just another soft liberal. I felt that the book was a little overly long, but it was an interesting look at the inner workings of these type of negotiations, even if it was a bit one sided.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 560 pages
Publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Publish Date 2017-Oct-03
ISBN 9780374101008 Buy this Book
Issue December 2017
Category Current Events & Politics


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