A Work of Art

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Tera was a normal, artistically inclined teenage girl. She basked in the praise that her father/mentor gave to her about her art. Her views about her father don’t falter or come under question, until he is charged with a revolting crime. Helping her father means sacrificing her future as an artist, but it also encourages the continuous flow of pity glances and disgusted stares directed toward her.

This was my first time reading a “modern literature” novel, and I am quite satisfied with the style. At first the book was coming on too strong with the mature topic of Tera’s father’s actions. This was new to me because none of the books that I have read before have been so intense. Because this was new to me, it intrigued me, and I came to it with an open mind.

Melody Maysonet does a great job with describing Tera’s thoughts and emotions throughout her horrifying journey. In the beginning, Tera seemed like such a boring character, and I needed time to get used to the new style of writing that came with reading a modern literature piece. I am glad that A Work of Art was my first book in the transition into new genres of literature.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 240 pages
Publisher Merit Press
Publish Date 2015-Mar-18
ISBN 9781440582547
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Issue May 2015
Category Modern Literature


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