A Song Beneath Silence: A Collection of Poetry By Apryl Skies

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Apryl Skies, author of A Song Beneath Silence, has a dreamy name that speaks of seasonality. Her name gives a lot away, makes one think of the uppermost realm of the our planet—the sky—and the visually transient mysteries it holds: clouds, rain, sunlight, moonlight, darkness, and stars. Her poems are filled with these natural elements, and beyond this, they are filled with the supernatural, too. This poet takes it all in! She seeks to transcend the limits of being human and bound to the Earth. Emotions can be liberating, and her poems capture the heights we attain when we love and live passionately.

Readers will find her poems intriguing but oftentimes abstract. The choice of concrete images and themes, and how to use them without being too abstract, is something many poets grapple with, because readers seek experiences they can latch onto and make their own. At times, her poems left me wanting more sensory details I could claim. Nonetheless, I could hear the music in her lines and see the landscapes she paints. Every poet is bound to a place; Apryl Skies is rooted in her southern California home, lured by what is near it and beyond it—the ocean and the heavens. She seeks what it means to be human but able to transcend the boundaries of where and how we live and the limits of what we feel and perceive.

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Star Count 3/5
Format Trade
Page Count 114 pages
Publisher AuthorHouse
Publish Date 21-Feb-2010
ISBN 9781451501414
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Issue August 2010
Category Poetry & Short Stories


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