A Personal Journey into the Quantum World: God’s Silent World

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Quantum physics is usually a reserved topic of conversation for those who understand its very nature. As Jean Paul Corriveau writes in the preface of his book A Personal Journey Into the Quantum World, “Quantum physics is weird simply because it deals with things so incredibly small that its domain is beyond our imagination.” So why write a book that is “beyond our imagination?” The short answer: to bring it into perspective within the imagination. Corriveau has written—more or less—a user-friendly expose on quantum physics, but more importantly, neither a PhD nor even a basic understanding of physics is needed. Corriveau has taken abstract topics and given them personalities that easily speak to readers. At each chapter’s start, Corriveau breaks down each topic so they are readily absorbed in the causal reader’s imagination. Broken down into ten chapters and six appendices, A Personal Journey Into the Quantum World discusses topics such as, “What Is Matter?”, “What Is Space?”, “What Is Time?”, “Why Is Time Relative?”, and “What Makes Motion Possible?”

Building upon these and other basic understandings of physics, Corriveau saves the best for last as he delves into the more heavy topics of quantum physics, like “What Created Life?” and “Is There an Afterlife?” Both are topics of much debate in the argument of whether or not God exists. Corriveau weighs in on both age-old questions armed with the rationale of quantum physics to answer these questions.

Whether you are physicist or just in search of new theories to ponder, A Personal Journey Into the Quantum World will surely open up new avenues for your mind to travel.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 607 pages
Publisher iUniverse
Publish Date 28-Dec-2009
ISBN 9781440148255
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Issue October 2010
Category Science & Nature


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