A Perfect Life: A Novel

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After watching her mother die of Valentine’s disease, researcher Jane Weiss is determined to find the genetic marker for it. Because of her obsession, she spends most of her life at the lab; her few friends are her lab partners, and she avoids relationships to spare others the pain of marriage to someone who is doomed to a painful death. But then her father gets married, and Jane unexpectedly finds herself falling for her future stepbrother, a man who also lost a parent to Valentine’s. A man who is, statistically, the worst possible choice for her. If she finds the marker, will she be able to take the plunge and test herself and her sister? Will she finally allow herself to love?

Eileen Pollack’s A Perfect Life tells a fascinating tale of a woman’s search for answers and the consequences of those answers. Jane and her sister, Laurel, are an interesting contrast: Jane’s reaction to her mother’s illness is to focus intently on a solution, while Laurel lives a reckless life under the assumption that she will die relatively young. The other characters, too, provide a great feeling of variety to this novel: solid, unflappable Willie; Jane’s eclectic but supportive coworkers; her determined father and his guarded new wife. This is not the kind of novel that will have readers flying through the pages, but instead one that draws you in and builds an emotional connection that will have readers holding their breath at certain important moments.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher Ecco
Publish Date 2016-05-10
ISBN 9780062419170
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Issue July 2016
Category Popular Fiction


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