A Mystical Embrace: Subtitled Our Rekindled Bond

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Although A Mystical Embrace: Our Rekindled Bond is categorized as a romance, I felt like it was so much more. This book was filled with tears, both happy and sad, as the reader follows the lives of an extended family, all brought together by one brave soldier, Krystian. In the prologue, this book begins with a conversation Krystian has with a fellow soldier named Ryan. He explains that he changed his name from Krystian to Raven under the influence of Cloud, his surrogate father. Y, Krystian’s biological father, was not a part of Krystian’s life growing up because he was a married man. This prologue explains so much of the story that as each character is introduced after Krystian/Raven’s death, the reader understands the connection between all of the characters.

Because each chapter is narrated by a different character, the reader is able to change perspectives throughout the book. I really enjoyed this aspect of the book. The beginning of the book is quite sad since all of the characters are mourning the loss of Krystian. It really takes a toll on the health of Geneva, Krystian’s mother, because it leads her into a deep hole of depression. I enjoyed the part where Geneva and Shelly, Krystian’s wife, take a trip to Hawaii together to heal. Before he died, Krystian had given each of the special people in his life a little box with something in it. He had told them to only open the box if something bad happened to him and was no longer around anymore. Because the story is written from each character’s perspective, the reader is right there to see first-hand what each character received in their box. Marlene Cheng does a wonderful job of personalizing each box to its character, and it made my eyes well up each time a box was opened.

One part of the book that I really enjoyed was the two trips to Ireland. I don’t want to ruin the story; however, I do have to say that it was so easy to picture Ellie and Collin with the sheep, laughing as they inoculated them one by one. The picturesque description of the farmland was gorgeous as could be with its greenery. And while in Ireland, I could feel the true happiness and also a bit of closure for Karin, Y’s wife. Overall, this book was well-written and told a beautiful story about a family brought together by one special soul.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 176 pages
Publisher None Provided
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ISBN 9781775247708
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Issue June 2019
Category Romance


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