A Murder in Our Midst

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Raymond Beevant writes to his closest friend that someone in the family is trying to kill him, requesting his coming immediately to help.

“The letter read, ‘My dear friend, by the time you receive this I most likely will be dead.’”

Winchell immediate is on a plane from London to California. On the flight from Heathrow airport, he reflects as he reads and rereads his friend’s letter, searching for something that he may have missed in its content. Who would want to hurt Raymond? Winchell was at a loss to think of anyone who might. Their friendship was one that defied racial and international barriers, and was one that many could envy as both unconditional and loyal. One friend is in trouble. The other drops everything to go to his side. Finding his friend already dead, as Beevant’s letter to Winchell had foretold, Winchell challenges Detective Lawrence’s declaration, “That’s all it was. A simple suicide.” Loyalty to his friend, despite encountered dangers to his own life, leads Winchell on a harrowing journey to bring the murderer to justice. His friend deserves this last act of friendship.

The author illustrates the unconditional friendship between Beevant and Winchell, sharing their history as the chase for the murderer unfolds. With well-developed characters, combined with realistic dialogue, the author leads readers along on the case with adequate, but not too easily discovered clues on a mystery that has a plot that grows with each chapter. They meet the members of Beevant’s family at the California mansion, and follow Winchell on international travel to work to solve the mystery of Beevant’s death. Readers will read this compelling mystery with Winchell as he searches for evidence to resolve the murder, hungering for more, until the well-done conclusion brings them satisfaction.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 212 pages
Publisher Inkwater Press
Publish Date 26-Jan-2010
ISBN 9781592994625
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Issue July 2013
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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