A Crafter Knits a Clue: A Handcrafted Mystery

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A Crafter Knits A Clue follows Sammy Kane, who owns a craft store. One morning, the owner of the local yarn store nearby is murdered with a knitting needle through the throat. An investigation ensues. Unfortunately none of the people involved in discovering the murderer appear to be very smart.

The dialogue in this book is odd. For some of the book, an attraction between Sammy and the detective Liam is insinuated, but I didn’t sense any chemistry between them. Tenuous connections are made between the murder and others in the town, which are meant to throw the reader for a loop, but instead they were just confusing and silly.

When I wasn’t wrapped up in the bizarre dialogue, I was picking apart the apparent inaccuracies in the book’s crafting lexicon out of sheer boredom. The murderer, the knitting club, nor Sammy knew the difference between knitting and crochet. The knitting club itself consisted of a bunch of snooty women who thought natural, or animal, fibers were the pinnacle of crafting luxury. One woman in the club, Annabelle, was making a pair of alpaca socks, apparently unaware that alpaca is perhaps the worst fiber to make socks from because of its inelasticity.

A Crafter Knits a Clue is a saccharine story meant for those who want a semi-suspenseful mystery without the gore and grit of a traditional crime story. The bizarre plot and unnatural dialogue left a boring shell of a mystery that would have been much improved with more effort.

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Star Count 2/5
Format Hard
Page Count 330 pages
Publisher Crooked Lane Books
Publish Date 2018-10-09
ISBN 9781683317715
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Issue Mar-19
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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