10 Steps To Gardening With Nature: Using Sustainable Methods To Replicate Mother Nature

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Despite the current craze for anything labeled “organic” aside, most gardeners know that one cannot simply switch from using chemical fertilizers to one with “green” in the title and call it good. In Ten Steps to Gardening with Nature Carole Rollins, PhD and Elaine Ingham, PhD complied a succinct swift-kick-in-the-soil guide to making your very own sustainable micro-climate to grow truly organic, healthy food for yourself and your family.

Written as a highly informative question-and-answer session, the authors help the reader quickly understand the myth of surface health and dive into how to encourage “good” microbial and “good” fungi growth in your own garden in order to leech toxins from your soil and properly begin the organic process.

Once the correct micro-climate is established, the process becomes truly sustainable and easy to maintain.

From the perspective of a gardener, this book strikes the reader as being penned by two caring souls who simply want to help folks understand the hows and whys of growing food for themselves. The writers were not stingy with their knowledge; it found its way into my own garden. For a self-published book, this piece proved to be well-planned, easily understood, and generally well-executed.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 80 pages
Publisher Gardening With Nature
Publish Date 11-Jun-2011
ISBN 9780979756146
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Issue June 2012
Category Science & Nature


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