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  • Understanding and Teaching U.S. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History

  • Founders as Fathers: The Private Lives and Politics of the American Revolutionaries

  • Profane: Sacrilegious Expression in a Multicultural Age

  • Queen of Thieves: The True Story of “Marm” Mandelbaum and Her Gangs of New York

  • Falling Upwards: How We Took to the Air: An Unconventional History of Ballooning

  • Tales of High Priests and Taxes: The Books of the Maccabees and the Judean Rebellion against Antiochos IV

  • A Great Conspiracy against Our Race: Italian Immigrant Newspapers and the Construction of Whiteness in the Early 20th Century

  • Those Good Gertrudes

  • Nat Turner and the Rising in Southampton County

  • Creationism in Europe (Medicine, Science, and Religion in Historical Context)

  • The Demon’s Brood: A History of the Plantagenet Dynasty

  • Metaphysical Odyssey into the Mexican Revolution: Francisco I. Madero and His Secret Book, Spiritist Manual

  • The Teacher Wars: A History of America’s Most Embattled Profession

  • The Ethnographic State: France and the Invention of Moroccan Islam

  • A Longhouse Fragmented: Ohio Iroquois Autonomy in the Nineteenth Century

  • The Lost Pre-Raphaelite: The Secret Life and Loves of Robert Bateman

  • Marco Polo: The Journey that Changed the World

  • Rebellion: The History of England from James I to the Glorious Revolution