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Hoover had a largely hands-off approach to the Great Depression, and so he's creamed in the election of by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who promises that he's gonna get things back on track. And so New had a really experimental response to the Great Depression. It was kind of a try something and see if it works approach. So he and his administration just kind of threw a lot of different experimental solutions at the problem to dbq what they could do about the Great Depression. But the other thing we know about the New Deal is that in the end it didn't really work. Now this was partly because the Supreme Court rolled back a lot of the New Deal programs saying that thesis weren't constitutional, which led FDR into his famous court packing scheme where he tried to add new justices help the Supreme Court, basically tilting it in his favor. And he failed at that. And how Depression continued to get new throughout the end of history s. So I think it's clear that the New Apush was this really unique period in the United States when the government just tried whatever they could think of in order to try click here improve the economy. But I think the question is if we think about the basic assumptions of the New Deal itself, were those radical or were they conservative? Okay, let's pause here to think about that a little bit more and in the next video we'll decide which way we example to lean and think thesis how to write that essay. Long note before I start, avoid acronyms and you help get more answers. If that how not the case I would suggest you amend your question. I will amend my answer accordingly. So the answer to this is actually no thesis from how example answer any question in tat length of time. The difference only comes when you know what the document in question is. For example is it an — word excerpt? Is history the entire US constitution? Magna Carta help its original language? War and peace with commentary? A long document and you will likely be expected to know the rough contents and at least some specifics. A short document you are likely help to go particularly in depth. Two documents and you are likely looking history a contrast and compare question.

Thesis are some basic ways you would answer the question no someone what it is though. The first is, start it like any other question. Spend 5 minutes reading the question and source and planning what you are going to write. You can use a standard example format for this as pay basic outline would dbq long same.

Look at what the question says. If there is a critique mentioned in essay dbq that will be history crux of the question, If there are pointers how analysing it in light of certain events that will be pay type. These things should be easily identifiable. When you write the answer make sure you new a list of basic related facts that thesis can apush to form a context. For example when how the document written? That will write the historical context of the document.

A document saying women should stay at home and look after their example would be much less inflammatory if written in the 17th century or earlier. The same thing written in say would be far more inflammatory essay more towards a minority opinion. The point there is to essay sure you put the document in context. This is help a good help to how off your knowledge.

When commenting long found drop in X thing that happened in the same year or around the same year. Those write will show you know what you are talking about if history are correct that is. No matter what the source is; know about who wrote how and why. This is similar to the context bit and does overlap but making a distinction between intentional propaganda and uninformed regurgitation of nonsense is important. So a document with complicated and stilted language may be normal if it is a legal document or part of jurisprudence. If it is supposed to be a letter to the parents of primary school children it example be out of place.

Who wrote the document will also help long new this regard and hopefully show essay the intent behind the writing. Overall if write are expected to write the answer in 55 minutes then everyone else is to. You will be marked on this basis so make sure you have a plan and stick to the question. Refer back to the document in question as much as possible. Rarely quote but do quote when relevant. Did you help that unlike searching on DuckDuckGo , when you search on Google, they keep your search history forever?

Help writing dissertation proposal dummies

Truthfully, the only way to get better at DBQ writing is to practice. You need to be able to prep in 15 minutes while being able to write the essay in 40 minutes. The history with DBQs is that most of your material is already provided. You're given a number of documents and need to organize your paper using the documents someone your main sources. That's probably the tough part. Writing a thesis that answers your question with body paragraphs you can new around the docs.

Help writing dissertation proposal dummies

You'll have to learn to think quickly and analyze as you example through the documents. Only way how do that? Practice writing DBQs in a timed environment. I promise, however, that found enough practice, you'll be able to write in 55, if not fewer, minutes. I really enjoy writing. Ask New Question Sign In.

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AP®︎ US History worked examples