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Even if they can seem cold at first, most of them will be glad to help you if you're lost or need help. Below the guide on Reddit fellow metro users have added their own tips, which there will no doubt recognize. There are automated lines like the Metro 1 and Metro. On these lines, the train speeds up and brakes like crazy.

Grab a handle or sit down if you don't want to fly across the wagon. Big train stations can be confusing to navigate into, like Gare de Lyon. Sometimes you'll have to validate your ticket more than once to change lines. Follow the signs closely if you don't want to get lost. For our British friends or others:. Refer to the maps inside the stations to choose the most convenient exit. On some lines, you can have new high-tech trains as well as old rusty metal cans screeching at every turn. It can be surprising at first.

When you enter the Metro, don't just stop there, go further to let people behind you come in as well. Paris is smaller than you'd expect. Unless you're carrying heavy luggage or it's raining or whatever, just walk. Website one is friendly enough to start a conversation in Paris.

If someone not wearing any uniform starts talking to you, he wants money. Iceland may have a population of just over , people all with equally unpronounceable names but that doesn't stop it churning out a stream of globally-renowned people. Take our quiz to discover your Icelandic spirit animal. Search France's news in English. News categories Marseille Lyon Toulouse More…. Membership My account Gift voucher Corporate Help center. Jobs in France Browse jobs Post a vacancy. Email newsletters Newsletter sign-up Edit my subscriptions.

Other pages Apartment rentals Noticeboard. This could be the best guide to taking the Paris Metro you'll ever read The Local. A guide to taking the Paris Metro is proving popular online, thanks in the main to its straight-talking tips for taking the Metro such as:.

Note, the article contains language you may find offensive First rule:. Will Paris be next city to crack down on 'manspreading' on the Metro? Same goes for homeless people begging. No need to be an asshole.

Metro 13 is always crowded. This line is hell. Think twice before getting on.

Most of the time, the train will restart after a few seconds Do not try to understand what the train driver just said in the speakers. Here's a selection of the most useful. If the train is crowded, only use your hand to hold the bar. Do no sit on the fold-up seat when the wagon is overcrowded When you enter the Metro, don't just stop there, go further to let people behind you come in as well. Sign up for our free Today in France newsletter. Get notified about breaking news on The Local. From our sponsors QUIZ:. Which influential Icelander are you? Latest headlines No-deal Brexit 'shouldn't' affect flights or Eurostar but passengers urged to get travel insurance. These are the days to avoid driving in France over the festive period. For answers online petition as lawmakers back emergency measures. Versailles Palace to close on Saturday amid protest fears. What happened in France in ?

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