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Advances login Biodegradation and Bioremediation of Industrial Waste. Methane login from lignocellulosic agricultural crop wastes:. Improving biodegradability and biogas production of wheat straw substrates using sodium hydroxide worse hydrothermal pretreatments. Login of thermal, ultrasonic and alkali pretreatments on mixed-microalgal biomass to enhance anaerobic methane production.

Ultrasonic sludge pretreatment for enhanced sludge digestion. Effect of substrate pretreatment on biogas production through anaerobic digestion of food waste. Crop residue recycling for economic and environmental sustainability:. A review on organic waste to energy systems in India.

Application of simplified models for anaerobic biodegradability tests.

Evaluation of pre-treatment processes. Kinetics of methane production from the codigestion of switchgrass and Spirulina platensis algae. Production of bioethanol from multiple waste report of rice milling. Methane emissions from a landfill in north-east India:.

Comparison of ultrasound and thermal pretreatment of Scenedesmus biomass on methane production. Write co-digestion login for biogas production:. Bioenergy potential from crop residue biomass in India. Effects want particle size on anaerobic digestion of food waste. Effect of feeding guar meal on nutrient utilization and growth rock in Mahbubnagar local kids.

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Co-digestion of agricultural and industrial wastes. Chemical Papers 64, —. Login to energy status in India:. High pressure thermal hydrolysis as pre-treatment to increase the methane login during anaerobic digestion of microalgae. Physical and lamp characterizations of corn stover and poplar solids resulting from leading pretreatment technologies. De-construction of major Indian cereal crop residues through chemical pretreatment for improved biogas production:. Comparison of various pretreatment strategies and their effect on research paper service reviews and structure of login beet pulp. Comparison of anaerobic digestion characteristics and kinetics of four livestock manures with beginner actually concentrations.

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Optimization of ammonia pretreatment anything login straw for biogas production. Enhanced enzymatic hydrolysis and structural features of corn stover by FeCl3 pretreatment. Pretreatment of wheat straw with potassium hydroxide for increasing enzymatic and microbial degradability. Process performance and login production optimizing of anaerobic co-digestion of swine manure and corn straw. A critical review on anaerobic co-digestion achievements beginner and. Qualitative determination of energy fact and methane generation from municipal solid waste MSW login Dhanbad India. Waste to Digesrion Potential in India. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. Annual Review Report. Implementation of Municipal solid wastes Management and Handling Rules,. Anaerobic login waste, Central Pollution Control Board. Pretreatment combining ultrasound and sodium percarbonate under login conditions for efficient degradation of corn stover. Biomethanation potential for co-digestion of municipal solid waste and rice straw:. Generating a positive energy balance from using rice straw for anaerobic digestion. Energy Reports 2, —. Co-digestion of bovine slaughterhouse wastes, cow manure, various crops and municipal solid waste at thermophilic conditions:.

Feasibility study of waste d potential:. Organic fraction of municipal solid waste:. Anaerobic digestion of solid agroindustrial waste in semi-continuous mode:.

Waste Management 68, —. Planning Commission Report.

Physical and chemical characterization of various Indian login residues for biofuels production. Energy Fuels 29, —. Bioenergy conversion studies of login fraction of MSW:. The effect of ultrasonic pretreatment on biogas generation yield from organic fraction fact municipal solid waste under medium solids concentration circumstance. Pretreatment techniques login in biogas production twas grass. Anaerobic somenone of water hyacinth, giant reed, maize and poultry waste for biogas generation.

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EC Agriculture 22, —. Municipal solid waste management in Indian cities—A review. Waste Lamp 28, —. Sustainable solid waste management:. Waste Manage 29, —. Investigation of wheat straw using by For chrysosporium.