Once upon a time, comic books were thought to be only for kids and teenagers, something one outgrows eventually before moving on to books and stories more suitable for an older audience. However, the wide and ever-growing community of people who love comics know otherwise, and these readers will delight in some of the new, upcoming releases in the world of graphic art. Superhero stories, fairy tales, memoirs, and more are represented in this list. Take a look and find your next great read!


Girl on Film Original Graphic Novel
By Cecil Castellucci
Archaia, $19.99, 160 pages

Cecil Castellucci has been drawn to the world of art since she was a very young girl, and her dreams have manifested beyond her wildest dreams. In this graphic novel, Castellucci tells her story, starting with her starry-eyed childhood and going on through the various stages of her career as an author of young adult and graphic novels, other comics, and editorial writing. But this graphic memoir is more than just a story of here-to-there. Indeed, Castellucci invites readers into the mind of an artist; this book is guaranteed to get you thinking about the creative process in entirely new ways.


Snow, Glass, Apples
By Neil Gaiman and Colleen Doran
Dark Horse, $17.99, 64 pages

Some time ago, Neil Gaiman published this original short story, a fantastical retelling of the classic tale of Snow White that is far truer to the original Grimm version than most modern renditions. In this story, the queen is not as evil as we remember her, and it’s the stepdaughter who is truly the monster. Gaiman’s vision is now brought to life in this gorgeous graphic novel, which is illustrated by the talented Colleen Doran. This dark and gripping tale will be thoroughly enjoyed by Gaiman fans everywhere.

Calamity Kate
By Magdalene Visaggio
Dark Horse Books, $17.99, 104 pages

Kate Strand is tired of her life, so she decides it’s time for a major change. She moves to Los Angeles and takes on a new identity as Calamity Kate, the kind of superhero she’s always dreamed of being. Now she carries a gun to fight off the zombies, demons, and other assorted baddies trying to overrun the world, and along the way she has to deal with all manner of unexpected challenges and complications. This paperback collects the first four volumes of Magdalene Visaggio’s hit series.

By Delilah S. Dawson
BOOM! Studios, $19.99, 128 pages

Artemisia is the mixed-race daughter of a Naval Captain, and she’s never quite fit into her family or the society her father brought her to live in. When life circumstances lead Art to an impending and unwanted arranged marriage, she doesn’t quite know what she can do. Then life takes a really unexpected turn and Art finds herself pulled into a dark faerie world where the only way to escape is to kill monsters and absorb their powers, and eventually become strong enough to save herself. Delilah S. Dawson’s dark and gritty modern fairy tale is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Heroes in Crisis
By Tom King
DC Comics, $29.99, 248 pages

In the never-ending fight against evil and crime, even superheroes need time to rest, heal, and process the emotional trauma that comes from fighting the worst of the worst. But this much-needed sanctuary has been infiltrated, and now it’s up to Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to seek out whoever is behind this invasion. Can the three locate the true culprit and save the universe? This volume collects the first nine issues of this startlingly relevant superhero story.