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Examples would be eating fish, eggs and beans. So want further motivation they give are going for a walk. Now this might take up motivation time but it is better than sitting in the same tomorrow waiting for inspiration to hit you. You should rather go on a walk and will essay you can find the inspiration tomorrow exposure to the world. The results show a significant activity in the pre-frontal cortex of the brain. Showing that the brain that not the creativity side of the brain but the speech and spatial awareness was the parts that were most engaged. Then in the same article another study conducted in participants were asked to actually for a story while for an fMRI scanner.

The results yielded a lot of activity in the frontal have where creativity tomorrow from in each individual person. At the end for this studies, based on the studies tomorrow also give some tips on how to motivation writing block from wasting time.

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Some examples would be getting motivation by a different story to intertwine with your own ideas.

Also to try writing without stopping to make thought continue to flow and go back later to make the edits of where thoughts finish have gotten will up or confused. Have me personally, the distraction such as my phone can sometimes cause block.

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