Submission Guidelines

We typically review newly released books from traditional publishers and indie authors. If you have a book that was released in the last 90 days, you have two options (general/free submission OR our Sponsored/paid program). We typically receive around 600 books to consider reviewing every month. Our review ratio tends to be around 60%. If you want to take a chance and see if your book will be selected (we do not assign books), and it was published in the last 90 days, we suggest going the general submission route. When your book is nearing 90 days after it on-sale date, we recommend emailing us ([email protected]) to ask if it has been selected. If not, then you have the ability to place a Sponsored order if you want.



If you would like more certainty that your book will be reviewed or need a review in a specific timeframe, we suggest you take a look at the myriad of options we have under our Sponsored Review program.

Below are links to both programs. Feel free to call us or email us if you need further clarification.

General Submission Info

Sponsored Review Info

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