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Our bi-monthly San Francisco Book Review magazine features about 150 book and game reviews covering nearly 40 genres of books.  Inside each issue of SFBR is Another Universe, which is our Science Fiction & Fantasy, Sequential Art, and Games reviews.

Issues also have Feature Reviews, book-related articles, author interviews, and author podcast interviews. Because the magazine is an app, everything can be enjoyed right from inside the publication.*

Sample Issue

Below is a mere sampling of what you’ll receive in the August 2014 issue. Typical issues run about 100 pages — articles and book reviews.


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San Francisco Book Review 2014 publishes bi-monthly (six issues): January/February-combo, April, June, August, October, December-Holiday Gift Guide. One issue costs $2.50. An annual subscription cost $9.99.

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* Note:

  • Magazine publishes bi-monthly. You’ll receive six issues in a year.