The Witch Who Came in from the Cold – Episode 11

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Intel Log: Episode 11- King’s Gambit Accepted

ANCHISES Part One appears to be a success. Dr. Sokolov has made it to the CIA safe house undetected…or so everyone thinks. The CIA sees him as a defector but Gabe and others know he is also something much more precious . . . a host. Suspicions and questions are raised about the main characters and star-crossed spies, Tanya and Gabe, by their respective organizations. Dom suspects something is not completely right about the CIA agent and is digging both through the government connections he has and Gabe’s partner, Josh. Josh at least appears to be smart enough to not show his hand nor that of his partner’s…for now. Tanya is suspected by the KGB that not only is she not loyal to them, but that she may have ties to Ice or Flame. Desperate to show her ability, she uses her skills with magic to trace Dr. Sokolov and reports back to base. However, she finds out that her information may be too little too late and suspects that not just her career, but her life, could be in jeopardy. The question now is who anyone can trust to turn to in order to survive what is brewing.

Episode 11 of The Witch Who Came in From the Cold feels like the crescendo in a musical. It builds us up to some exciting adventures to come. As a game of cat and mouse ensues, it appears that Tanya is in danger, the Flame and Ice consortiums are getting ready to come forward to retrieve or protect a priceless commodity, and, as always, Gabe and this hitchhiker are showing up on both the CIA, KGB, and Flame and Ice consortiums. A lot of information that leaves you craving more. Catch up on any episode of The Witch Who Came in From the Cold. The excitement is building and you don’t want to miss out on how this tug of war between governments and magic unfolds.

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Lindsay Smith, Max Gladstone, Cassandra Rose Clarke, Ian Tregillis
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Serial Box Publishing
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April 2016
Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Lindsay Smith, Max Gladstone, Cassandra Rose Clarke, Ian Tregillis



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April 2016


Serial Box Publishing

“The Witch Who Came in from the Cold – Episode 11”

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