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Are you a book junkie?

      …Have we got the 12-step program for you!

We have a book review staff that fluctuates between 100 – 120 avid book readers. Some are authors themselves. Some hold an MFA degree. Others just enjoy reading and do a great job of summarizing what they do and don’t like about a book. But we’re always looking to add more talent to the pool.

If you’re interested in auditioning to become a book reviewer for San Francisco Book Review — know the difference between your/you’re, its/it’s — send us three samples of books you’ve reviewed to

IMPORTANT! Your samples need to be in the 175- to 200-word range.

Your compensation will be the books you receive from us. Be the first to read a new title that hasn’t yet been released. However, if you review a book that was submitted to us through the Sponsored Review program, you’ll receive 20% of whichever level of turnaround the author purchased.


If you have a child or children between the ages of 5 and 17 who loves to read and can commit to providing us with reviews, we’d love to have them participate in Kids’ Book Review.

Please note that if you are currently living outside the United States, we will be unable to mail physical books for review; however, we do have a small selection of Children’s picture books and Young Adult eBooks available.

Our list of available books will be emailed to participating children’s parents every two weeks.

Please use the form below to sign up your child/ren:

Any questions, please email us or call 855-741-8810 and ask for Heidi.


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