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Founded in September 2008 by Heidi Komlofske and Ross Rojek, the first publication — Sacramento Book Review (SBR) — was born. We started fast and furious out of the gate, producing a 32-page monthly printed book review publication that covered more than 150 books in over 40 different categories.

SBR was so well received that after hearing so many comments about why the SF Bay Area wasn’t getting copies, we launched San Francisco Book Review (SFBR) exactly a year later in September 2009.

Each publication was completely unique to the other, featuring different book reviews and different articles.

Shortly after launching SFBR, we began Audible Authors, which hosts 30-minute author podcast interviews.

In December 2010, we licensed the book review publication concept to Portland Book Review, which is going gang-busters in the Portland area.

In July 2011, we licensed a single-use book review publication (called Library Book Review) to Publish On Demand Global, who used it for the annual American Library Conference. The Library Book Review concept will be promoted to various libraries around the country through a unique author promotional concept. If you’d like more information on being a part of this, email us.

In September 2011, we licensed the book review publication to our first library system — Tulsa, OK. Tulsa Book Review  is a monthly publication distributed in the Tulsa libraries, as well as coffee shops, and local gathering places.

In December 2012, we became the first, and only, U.S.-based book review publication in Apple Newsstand. San Francisco Book Review is also available for Android tablets, Kindle Fire, and PDF. Visit our Subscription page.

In January 2014, we discontinued producing Sacramento Book Review, instead, choosing to focus our efforts on San Francisco Book Review.

In February 2014, we launched Kids’ Book Review as its own magazine, publishing bi-monthly.

In September 2014, we licensed to San Diego Book Review.

We typically receive about 300 books a week for review. With a staff of around 120 active reviewers, we do our best to review everything that is sent to us, but that’s not always possible. READ ABOUT our review policy and what we can offer you by way of getting your book reviewed.


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